We have a number of projects in various stages of development, including:

I’m so sad…

by C.R.Begonias

Children don’t often get asked about their feelings. Author C.R.Begonias creates imaginative scenese expressing feeling of isolation, loneliness, fear and confusion that children will identify with and can be discussed with their readers. Beautiful illustrations of child-like simplicity make this book a treasure for parents and children alike. Publication date: July 2021

The Big Blueberry

by Robert Boss

One summer, the people of a small northwestern Ontario town find the surrounding wild blueberry bushes barren of blueberries. When they discover one giant blueberry has been sucking all the nutrients out of the ground, the fight begins to rout the usurper and restore the natural balance. Can the children of the town save the day (and the blueberries)? An allegory for our times. Publication due July 2021.


A lot of things are symbolized by the word “poise”: both at the high end, as in elegance or class, or in the quotidien, as in “Stay calm and carry on.” What makes things seem particular “right”, balanced and beautiful? How important is poise in our personal lives, socially and politically. From diplomacy to grace under pressure, fashion models and 007, this book looks at philosophically at representations of poise and what they tell us about ourselves. A guide for better living. Publication due Fall 2021

The Money Stories

Everyone has a story about their first encounter with money. Such encounters often shape how we relate to money for the rest of our lives. What if you could rewrite your money story? Hundreds of people volunteer their personal money stories and how they have determined future events, or been rewritten. A guide for better living. Publication in 2022.

The Book of David

David Victor appeared to be down and out but when he begins attending a small church, he gradually charms the congregation into seeing themselves differently. The narrator recounts his meeting and gradual enrapture by a man who seemed to have nothing, including a past, and his own role duping innocent people into believing in themselves. When doubt creeps in, the mirror begins to crack, and he is determined to track down this illusive character’s past and bring him to account. A psychological thriller based on a true story.